The government of Kenya has been ordered to pay the family of Pakistani TV journalist Arshad Sharif Ksh.10 million as compensation following his mysterious murder in 2022.

High court judge Stella Mutuku ruled on Monday morning that Sharif’s murder was unconstitutional and that his rights to life and protection were violated.

Sharif’s family, led by his widow Javeria Siddique, sued the government for their kin’s killing, arguing that he had the right to be protected and was wrongfully killed

Sharif, who had fled Pakistan citing threats to his life, was shot dead by Kenyan police in Nairobi on October 23, 2022.

Kenyan officials said it was a case of mistaken identity and police hunting car thieves opened fire on his vehicle as it drove through a roadblock without stopping.

A two-member fact-finding team set up by the Pakistani government to probe the killing said it found several contradictions in the version given by Kenyan authorities, and believed it was a case of pre-planned murder.

The team travelled to Kenya and conducted a number of interviews, examined and reconstructed the crime scene and examined the deceased’s phones and computers.

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