Did you know that some 8 kings ruled the earth for about 240k years before the great floods? Oh yies! A guy would rule for like 20 or 30k yrs! They were headquartered in mesopotamia, where we all know that civilization begun.

These are not stories of jaba, but recovered ancient sumerian tablets and some artefacts described therein! Mr Adapa was misled not to accept food and water offered to him by the anunnaki, and that’s how our immortality eluded us!

If there’s a place we’re obsessed with visiting, it is the kaplanet we were telling you about the other day, Nibiru! Just next door after Pluto. It’s where Mr Adapa had visited. Our obsession with it is sooo much, that we had a dream trip to it last week! Or are we coming out devils?

The dream begun with the discovery of a portable gadget, twice the size of a fon. Once you program it to your desired destination you put it in your pocket. You then slide in a big net, like the one of onions. It’s made of a special material resistant to radiation, air presha and elements. It also carries just enough oxygen to take us to the other land of the living, Nibiru, in only a few! This is because it travels faster than the speed of sound and light combined.

Once set, you make a voice command, and viola! Within no time, the mutumishi was landing on a well graded murrum road, in an area full of trees including bluegum and coffee! We could also see wheat fields afar.

It’s along this road, that we met four gentlemen, hu appeared to be in their twenties. It was quite a pensive moment full of tension. We however, shook hands, and tension eased. The only difference between them and us, was that they didn’t have iris, the eyes were completely white! And ofkos the language baria! They spoke what sounded like a bantu language, and we could pick a word here and there.

A huge breakthrough came about, when they said they could speak English! Very basic English. It’s then that we introduced ourselves, as having come from earth! They were very excited, and one of them started touching us inappropriately, but you could understand!

Before the hard questions begun, the dream ended abruptly. They had heard about Australia, India and Africa. Pray for us to dream part two of this, and learn more about them. Or that the gadget is discovered in our lifetime. Would you join in the safari? Are we coming out devils?

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