A section of Kilimani neighbours has ganged up against media personality, Betty Kyalo accusing her of behaving unctrollably at night during merry making with her new man.

In a joint statement, the Kilimani residents led by  Sophie Mukui have threatened to file a lawsuit against Betty Kyalo whom they say is leading their families astray at the same time disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood.

“As the neighbours of Betty Kyalo, we will not allow her to continue suspending the peace we have been enjoying for years in this area. What is wuii wuii wuii for Christ’s sake? Our little kids are all over wailing the same and it’s very embarrassing to us adults” Sophie Mukui issue a statement.

Some of the women have also allayed that Betty Kyalo’s new style of weeping at night may break up their marriages as their husbands cannot stand the noise during the wee hours. “It’s unbiblical and unacceptable!” they retorted.

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