I am following a certain debate in these streets and wondering, for those insisting that in Gìkùyù culture circumcision can only be valid if done in the conventional way where boys are taken to the river and the ceremony conducted by traditional elders, what happens to parents in Australia who are not able to bring their son to Gikuyu land for circumcision as we knew it so opts for a hospital? Or a Christian Parent who may decide to go the church route of doing it? These are not issues that past generations had to contend with as they were not so widespread, different cultures were not so intertwined and strong values as well as men of honour guided the society.


See, if you attend a social science class, you will be taught that culture is dynamic and ever evolving, based on the realities of the times. For example, you married a wife who is not “cut”. Do you take her to be less of a woman because she didn’t undergo the Gìkùyù traditional rituals you are so insisting on?

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