We cannot continue running Nairobi like we were 30 years ago when the population of the city was 1.5 million. It now stands at 5 million. How then can we maintain the same matatu terminals, the same hawking joints, stalls etc in a city that is already busting in its seams, while expecting to maintain order and cleanliness? Do we have that luxury of space in the CBD? To salvage the City in the Sun, we must evolve with time and be ready to make very uncomfortable decisions, or the city will collapse and lose all its glory!


Meanwhile, please allow me me to borrow these words of Mtumishi Mwangi Kibathi…


A capital city is the most important part of the country. It must be the best kept part, orderly, clean, neat.


Nairobi hosts the State House, Parliament, Supreme Court, Central Bank, our largest University, largest airport………


If Kenya was a person, Nairobi would be the soul. The soul drives the body. Its interests reign supreme.


We can’t run the capital city like a cowshed. We must maintain very high standards. We can overlook a few details in other towns in Kenya but not Nairobi. If Kenya was a house, Nairobi would be the lounge, living room, the place to display our best family photos, large and curved TV, the expensive recliner seats…… …


Those few Kikuyu business men who want Governor Sakaja Johnson to slow down and guard Kikuyu interests should know Nairobi is bigger than a few Kikuyu matatus and stalls selling Chinese clothes and pirated music.


Nairobi is a global city, the standards must remain global. Politically, the dynamics have also changed. This is not ,1983 when Kikuyus were almost 50% of Nrb voters, when every Mayor had to be a Kikuyu or tow the Kikuyu line.


This is Kenya’s capital city. Kujeni pole pole, or get annoyed and relocate those businesses to more Kikuyu friendly cities like Maragua or Subukia.


I stand with Sakaja, I stand for orderly city.

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