At independence, one of the things our founding fathers chose as a key area of focus was ending ignorance/illiteracy. Education was highly valued, and the first cabinet and first parliament was full of very educated people… lofty men of a noble mind. Also remember Tom Mboya and the airlifts just before independence. A lot of attention was paid in getting people quality education, so that the country is led by highly educated men and women.


Now, as a country, I see us trending on a very dangerous ground. There is great effort, almost intentional to belittle education. Every time someone’s academic qualification in a certain subject is raised, there will be all these people (mostly from Mt. Kenya) coming out to defend the matter in question… ohh! Education is overrated, ohh! The guy is street smart he does not need education to qualify for that position… ohh! hizo ma degree is a waste of time. Can you imagine if Mwai Kibaki, Wangari Mathai, Tom Mboya, Barrack Obama Sr. etc reasoned this way?


So you will be in these social media streets telling us how education is overrated, but at home you are telling your child how he/she should work hard in school? Why should she/he work hard in school if education does not matter? Si basi umfunze tu kukuwa street smart and then send him/her out there to conquer the world without the useless papers.

Knowingly or unknowingly, your child will pick/learn from your attitude more then your words. Therefore do not be surprised by the current under performance especially in Mt. Kenya region and the ever decreasing mean grade. It may have a lot to do with parents attitude towards education.

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