From today’s Kamukunji rally, there are two points from Baba’s address that I fully support:


✅ Call on Kenyans to resist punitive taxes that this regime is introducing.

✅ The demand that any attempt to reconstitute IEBC single-handedly by Ruto stops. This should be a process that fully involves all statekeholders, and one that is very transparent.


We are fully aware of the electoral fraud that happened on August 9th 2022 and to ensure this never happens again, the reconstitution of IEBC should be a serious national discourse that is undertaken following an extensive consultation and involvement of all parties. We should use 2022 to learn our lessons as a country in order to build better for the future.


Under whatever circumstances, the Supreme Court of Kenya declared Ruto’s win valid and he was sworn in as President. His administration should now stop theatrics, stories of giants, reckless remarks etc and start delivering for Kenyans. As for us in opposition, I do not believe that calling for the Kenya Kwanza government to resign should be our priority. As patriots we should accept to move on from the injustices of August 2022, and place the country’s interests above our political interests. To advocate for the needs of Wanjiku should be our everyday endeavor.


Kenyans are going through a very difficult time. We have a government led by people who are still caught up in a campaign mood, and they are politicking instead of delivering for Kenyans. Their policies and various moves are making the life of Kenyans more challenging every day:


✅ New ways of taxing Kenyans are being introduced, including some that will result to double taxation. They even want to track our Mpesa transactions.

✅ Cost of electricity is at an unprecedented high, becoming not only unbearable to mwananchi, but also hampering our manufacturing sector.

✅ We are witnessing a vendor driven economy where government seems to have adopted an “import all” policy. Items that can be easily produced in Kenya will be imported, therefore killing our manufacturing and agriculture sector which will have a major negative impact on employment creation.

✅ As parents take children back to school this week, it will be an uphill task for many families as most schools have increased school fees.

✅ Illigalities are going unchallenged. Parastatal heads are being forced to step down as new people are appointed unprocedurally. Not to forget budgetary allocations that are being undertaken without involvement of parliament which is a legal requirement.

✅ Bank interests have gone up, and this will majorly disadvantage people who had existing facilities and completely mess them up financially.

✅ As the world faces recession, the government has removed all measures that would have cushioned mwananchi from the hard economic times.

✅ This administration campaigned on the platform of lowering the cost of living. But they are now introducing taxes that will make life hell for every mwananchi and living in this country unbearable.

✅The President and his Deputy have refused to conduct themselves in a stately manner and instead of holding the country together, they keep making the most reckless statements which can easily burn the country. They do this to cover up for their failures and inadequacies.


If as opposition we are to lead mwananchi to resist this government, it should be based on the above oppression. The opposition should take its rightful place in parliament to question the excesses of this government and do so very aggressively. The opposition should also use all the platforms availed by the law to keep Ruto’s government in check, and ensure it delivers to Kenyans as required.


It is time to take lessons learnt from 2022’s elections and demand for a better IEBC. From that point, we then train our eyes on the future, and place the needs of mwananchi above everything else. Moving forward, defending Wanjiku from government oppression on all fronts should be our priority.



Pauline Njoroge.

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