If there is someone from the Royal House of Windsor that I sympathize with, it is the Late Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister. She couldn’t marry the man she loved (Captain Townsend) because he was divorced, and being the sister to the Monarch and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, at the time she couldn’t be allowed to marry a divorcee.

When she finally decided to settle for another guy, it is believed that she had to delay the announcement of her engagement because her sister the Queen was in the way of a child, and in the months leading to her giving birth, there couldn’t be any other bigger news from the Royal family.

When the gravesite (King George VI) Memorial was built at St. George’s Chapel, only her father, mother, sister and brother in law were considered. No space was created for her in there. So she opted for cremation, so that her ashes could fit into the father’s memorial. Otherwise she was going to be buried elsewhere.

All said and done, I hope Meghan knows that whatever happened to her has very little to do with her being black. Margaret, Diana and even others way before them like Catherine of Aragon were all white. This is a family of rulers, and the Monarch is the centre. Duty supercedes everything and every other interest or need is secondary. That is how the Monarchy has survived from the time of King Athelstan, to the reign of William the Conqueror through the 2nd Elizabethan Era… 1098 years.

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