Patrick N. Osoi, a presidential aspirant in the 2027 elections believes the Finance Bill is punitive and will oppress Kenyans especially those who live below the dollar.

The politician through his social media accounts urges that the Kenya Finance Bill 2024 is an unfair and regressive legislation that favors the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the working-class and poor majority. It fails to implement progressive taxation, placing an undue burden on those who can least afford it while failing to adequately tax the wealthy.

He has joined other politicians to call on all progressive forces to unite against the Kenya Finance Bill 2024 and demand a fair and just taxation system that prioritizes the needs of the poor and marginalized.

“The Finance Bill 2024 is a well crafted idea by the Brettonwood institutions to hold our nation hostage & cripple our economy.This is the aftermath of taking as many loans that we do not need as a nation.
For example, in the motor vehicle tax, one is taxed for buying the car, importing it, when you fuel the car, you get taxed consumption levy, you get taxed for insuring your car, you get taxed for using the express way and now, the gov’t is taxing us for owning the car, upto Ksh. 100, 000 yearly.A country doesn’t develop for overtaxing its citizens. Actually, overtaxation cripples an economy.” Hon Patrick Osoi shared on his social media handles.

Hon Patrick N Osoi insists that the Kenya Kwanza administration must listen to the voices of the people and amend the Finance Bill 2024 accordingly. Failure to do so will only deepen the poverty and inequality that already exists in our society.

He adds that it’s time for the government to prioritize the needs of the people over the interests of the wealthy few. The Kenya Finance Bill 2024 must be amended to reflect this priority.

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