“Samidoh huniambia niko tight kuliko Edday Nderitu” Karen Nyamu brags

Mugithi star popularly known as Samidoh now says he was forced to look for conjugal rights outside marriage as he could no longer stand his nagging wife.

According to Samidoh, Edday Nderitu is the dictator type of a woman who thrives in throwing abuses to him and hence he had no option but to seek for solace in Karen Nyamu,a city lawyer who is much cooler and knows how to keep a man.

Karen Nyamu has not hesitated in praising hubbies bedroom prowess since Edday Nderitu decided to call it a quit in the marriage.The lawyer politician says she now enjoys several styles from the man she loves as he used to preserve some for his former wife.

She adds that her baby daddy always praises her for being tight

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